Al nasher designs The Capital Market Authority's campaign for Comprehensive Insurance Awareness

January, 2019

Al Nasher has been tasked with designing the Palestinian Capital Market Authority's comprehensive awareness campaign for the insurance sector in Palestine.

Al Nasher's tasks in the campaign were as follows:

  • Create a cartoon character (Amin) to be the official spokesperson of the campaign.
  • The production of cartoon drawings explaining the importance of the insurance sector, and promoting it intensively on the Facebook page through advertising funded for 3 months.
  • The production of 7 radio flashes on different types of insurance and its importance, and the intensive flashes on all West Bank radio stations for 6 months.
  • Arrange intensive radio and television interviews covering all West Bank cities, publish press releases in local newspapers and news sites to talk about the campaign.
  • Launch of the official Facebook page of the Palestinian Capital Market Authority
  • Organizing a press conference to announce the launch of the awareness campaign.
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