Bethlehem Run

February, 2015

Al-Nasher organized all event management of this the 2015 Bethlehem 5K Run including logistics, production, social media, sponsorship, and entertainment. This event was put together with implementing partners DAI, Compete Project about three prior to the event. The following tasks were completed by Al-Nasher:

  • Pre-event Planning with Compete
  • Logistics & Vendors (stage, banners, sound system, signage, venue)
  • Recruiting
  • Production and Printing (Banners, Roll ups, Stickers, Maps, Posters)
  • Visibility items (Shirts, Winner cups, Medals)
  • Musical bands (Zaman, El Container)
  • Arrangements with youth councils
  • Facebook and Website Development
  • Training of volunteers
  • During event on-site follow up
Project Multimedia Gallery: